Sunday, June 22, 2014

June is National Microchip Awareness Month

Is your pet microchipped and your contact information registered to the microchip? By maximizing pet microchipping and their registration, the number of lost pets reunited with their families can increase. Potentially more than 20% of the companion animals entering animal shelters each year can be saved with microchipping.

According to the Found Animals Microchip Registry, 3 percent of the 165 million pets in the United States go missing every year – that’s 4.5 million lost pets – and around 800,000 of those are never returned to their families.

June is Pet Microchipping Month, an important time to remember to a) microchip your pets, and b) update the microchip’s registration. The latter is especially important, as missing or outdated information makes the microchip essentially useless.

Learn the importance of microchipping and how to register your chip at
And if you are unsure whether your pet is microchipped, most shelters and veterinarians are able to scan a pet and provide the microchip number.  Don’t hesitate: register for free in the Found Animals Microchip Registry and protect your pet today.  It could be the difference in being reunited with your beloved pet!

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