Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gavin's Happy Tail

Gavin arrived to OBG in mid November 2013 as a stray from a Southwest Virginia shelter. This great boy, a Border Collie and Shepherd mix, was a favorite at the shelter and luckily OBG was able to take him in.  With his winning personality, it didn't take long for him to find a forever home and on December 31st, he joined his new family. We recently received this wonderful pupdate. Gavin is the perfect addition to their family! We are thrilled for them all! 

We are so grateful to OBG for finding us the perfect pet soulmate, Gavin. When we lost our beloved cocker rescue 11 months prior, we were so heartbroken. Searching for another cocker to rescue, we sought the referral from our dear friends who were thrilled and overjoyed to find their cocker rescues through this wonderful organization. OBG displayed Gavin's picture on their website as an "honorary cocker" and featured on WUSA Petline 9's broadcast. I contacted his foster Mom, who generously provided so much assistance in responding to all my inquiries. 

After finally meeting Gavin, we just knew Gavin was the pet love of our lives. Since he has joined our family, Gavin has brought immense joy and lovable companionship, and is a beautiful running companion on the bike trails. Thank you for all that OBG does to match families with the most beloved pets. Our family is now complete because of the many kind and giving volunteers who make OBG a great success. Thank you for saving his life and most importantly, for giving us a beautiful treasure. We love Gavin so much! 
The Millers

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