Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 8: Jax's Biggest Loser Campaign

Intake Weight: 56 Pounds
New Weight: 38 Pounds

Jax's Campaign: Jax is on a mission to lose at least 27 pounds in the next six to nine months. Let's cheer him on to "LOSE THAT WEIGHT!" You will hear about Jax's progress through his, his foster brother Ziggy's and his foster mom Mary's eyes. Read below for how week eight went in his foster home! The scale said he technically went up a pound but we know those pesky scales can be wrong, Jax, so we are going to say you maintained your weight from last week.  The last few pounds are always the hardest! We know you can do it!

Week 8

Jax loves to run and play ball now!
I got an extra special, super duper treat. It was a rubber thing full of dog food that was hard to get out. I played with it in Mary’s study, while Ziggy worked on his in the living room. I was so excited I grunted and squealed while I played with it. I sort of had to go to the bathroom, but the gate kept me in the study so I couldn’t tell my people so I whizzed on the refrigerator.

I hope Jax’s forever family comes soon. I miss being the dog in charge of everything. Also, I used to get a kong treat almost every day. Now, once a week at most. But he is starting to run, which is fun for me, too.

Jax’s first accident—in his eighth week here—was the people’s fault. He drinks and piddles a lot of volume (normal blood and urine tests, luckily) and asks to go out every three hours. He has gone six in the crate, but he’s not drinking then. When I went into my study and saw the huge puddle, I realized it had been seven hours. My bad. I’ve told him his forever family will be at home a lot of the day.

Another Harness Change!
Jax weighed 38 pounds this week. Goodness knows, he’s not concerned about the number. His chest measures only 26 inches, and he moved down to a smaller harness for the second time.

We have always thought of Ziggy as a quick learner. Jax, however, is smarter. He has his own agenda, and he remembers when something he tried didn’t work. He is so subtle as he executes his strategic plans, that Zigg can’t figure out when to lodge his protest.

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