Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rex: A Fearful Dog's Journey

This is 7 year old Rex, one of the Sweet 16 who came to OBG in late January with 15 of his closest friends and siblings. He lived on a farm and likely spent most of his time only with other dogs. As a result, Rex is fearful and uncertain about human contact.

In concert with experts at Your Dog's Friend and the Foster Dog Alliance, Rex's Foster Mom has been working to build his confidence with people.  She has been keeping a journal and shared the initial phase of his journey in this touching and heartwarming blog post. Click here to read the entire post. We have highlighted a few milestones below.  We are so proud of Rex and thankful to his foster mom for the love and devotion to help him overcome his fears. We can't wait to read the next phase of his journey.

When Rex arrived in mid March to his foster home, he would not go outside, he avoided people, froze if anyone touched him and lost control of his bowels when touched or picked up.  A small safe haven was set up for him with access to the bathroom with pee pads.  When they decided to enlarge his space to include the bedroom, he hid in the closet and would not come out or eat. He was given access to walk around at night when his foster mom and dad were asleep so he could explore without fear of encountering people.

Within 10 days, Rex became more curious and would occasionally follow his foster sibling around or peek at his foster parents but then go back to his safe place.  He didn't want anyone around when he was eating but by early April, Rex began to eat treats while his foster Mom was in the room. Click here to see a video! A big milestone!

By mid April, Rex started to follow his foster Mom around the house although from a distance.  In early May, his foster Mom was so proud to see his tail a little higher and even wagging a little.  There were many other milestones which you will enjoy reading - click here for the whole post. 

Do you have a fearful dog? Your Dog's Friend runs a Fearful Dog Class and a Confidence Building Class. Check their website for info and scheduling. You can also find helpful info on

Welcome your comments, experiences, feedback in the comment section below.  GO REX!!

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