Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jax Extra: Carrots: The Treat of Choice!

As we learned with Fluffy's Biggest Loser Campaign, carrots are the weight loss treat of choice.  In Fluff's case, it took a little while for him to learn to love carrots but for Jax, he was happy to receive them from day one.  Did you know a medium baby carrot is only 4 calories?!

Jax's foster, Mary, showed us recently how she can take one baby carrot and create dozens of tiny treats (36 to be exact) with which to spoil Jax throughout the day (and his foster bro, Ziggy).  Check out the video.

Jax and his foster brother, Ziggy, love to compete for carrot treats in the kitchen!

If you are unable to see this video in the email subscription version, click on the post title to take you to the blog page to view it. 

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