Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Big Milestone for Rex the Fearful Dog

Earlier this month we featured the journey of OBG foster dog Rex (read it here), a fearful dog who we assess had very little human contact in his seven years of life on a farm.  His foster Mom has been working with experts at Your Dog's Friend and the Foster Dog Alliance to build his confidence and trust people.  As we saw in his foster Mom's journal of the initial phase of work with him, it was taking a long time for him to be comfortable even being in the same room as his foster mom and dad let alone having any physical contact with them.

Well,  Rex has come a long way and it is so exciting to tell you that last week, Rex rested his head on his foster Mom's hand! This is such an amazing milestone for Rex. We are so proud of him and we thank his foster Mom for her love, patience, and work with him to reach this point. YAY for Rex!  We can't wait to hear the next update!

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