Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 6: Jax's Biggest Loser Campaign

Intake Weight: 56 Pounds
New Weight: 40 Pounds

Jax's Campaign: Jax is on a mission to lose at least 27 pounds in the next six to nine months. Let's cheer him on to "LOSE THAT WEIGHT!" You will hear about Jax's progress through his, his foster brother Ziggy's and his foster mom Mary's eyes. Read below for how week six went in his foster home! He has lost 2 more pounds!! Go Jax!

Week six

Jax is looking f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!
No more dog fights. I have figured out the things that set Ziggy off in the house. I can’t bark while we play chase. I can’t lick his dish until he moves to the water bowl. All toys are the sole property of Ziggy. Unless he can’t see me. Or he’s in his crate.

Outside Ziggy doesn’t understand how to bark. I bark, bark, bark in a friendly, welcoming way because I want to meet people. Dopey Zigg thinks I am mad at something so he barks in a ferocious, unfriendly manner. Then we both get pulled up a driveway and sit until we settle down. Onetime Zigg was so ferocious that it made me feel ferocious and I tried to bite him in the butt. Then Mary walked us home double-time with her arms straight out so we couldn’t bite each other. Most walks aren’t that much fun.

One thing Zigg and I enjoy doing together is barking at people and dogs who walk past the house. Alas, Mary started putting us into our crates just before school lets out. Now that I think of it, we get put in our crates whenever we start a bark fest.

Things are better. When we head out in the morning Bill walks Jax and Mary is on my leash. When Jax starts barking, she has me sit quietly for a treat. Sometimes Jax sits, too, and gets a treat. I have noticed that Jax is not staying at his end of the sofa in the evenings. Every time I look, he’s a little closer to Mary. But I am the dog in the lap being cuddled. Except that sometimes she is cuddling Jax with her other arm. Oh, well. 

Group walks are getting easier. Bill and Jax can get ahead of us and meet people and dogs. After sitting still for his treat, Zigg sometimes wants to greet them. But if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to. While Bill gets his coffee, the boys and I hang out on a porch. I do some yoga stretches.

Walking the dogs by myself is challenging. It’s darn near impossible to train two dogs at once, and they enjoy revving up one another. I have discovered that 11 am and one to 2 pm are magically free of walkers and dogs.

The Jax Tail Watch!
Bill and I are endlessly amused by watching Jax’s tail. When we got him, his butt was so fat that we could see just the tip of his tail. He had an “innie” tail. Every week we see a little more of his stub emerging. The other day we were shocked to see his whole tail—without even a fold of fat above it. Alas, when we got to the bottom of the hill, Jax’s butt slid back over his tail.

He is still losing. This week he was down to 40 pounds. He had never laid down anyplace except his very pillowed crate. This week he is comfortable resting on the rug under the dining room table.


  1. I'm so impressed! I adopted my Sadie recently and she needs to lose 8-10 pounds. That doesn't seem like much compared to Jax, but boy is it hard! I cut her food back, but after one week (we have weekly weigh-ins at the Vet clinic) she lost ZERO ounces! We're upping her walks (which she isn't too happy about-what a couch potato)! Our goal is to lose 1-2 pounds a month.So, Hooray for Jax! Hope to see more of Sadie's tail soon too!

    1. Thanks for supporting Jax! It is so hard to help your pet lose weight! Jax's foster gives him tiny tiny carrot pieces as treats. I will be posting a short video soon about it. I have to help my own little buff girl take off some weight too. She walks soooo slow though that i'm not sure the exercise part will work. :-)

      Good luck and keep us posted on your campaign for Sadie and send us some pictures if you'd like us to post on one of our Fun Friday Photo posts.

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