Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week 4: Jax's Biggest Loser Campaign

Intake Weight: 56 Pounds
New Weight: 41 Pounds

Jax's Campaign: Jax is on a mission to lose at least 27 pounds in the next six to nine months. Let's cheer him on to "LOSE THAT WEIGHT!" You will hear about Jax's progress through his, his foster brother Ziggy's and his foster mom Mary's eyes. Read below for how week four went in his foster home! He has lost another 4 pounds and his wiggling nub is back (see video below)! GO JAX!

Week four 

Waiting to go for a walk!
Life is good. We had company this week. They liked dogs. When Ziggy bumped me out of the way, I ran to someone else for a little loving. Once when Zigg was on the couch with Bill, I sat on a chair with Mary. It was a sweet moment. I was so happy that I rolled onto my back for some tummy love. Then I discovered that I’m too fat to roll back. Oops.

Things have gone from bad to worse here. If I defend my territory under the table, Jax sits by the couch. When I run him away from the couch, he goes under the table. But the worst was seeing him stretched out on Mary’s legs. I took a flying leap from the sofa and landed in her lap. Jax rolled into a ball (a beach ball) and went to sleep on her legs. I wanted to have a fight, but Jax couldn’t hear me and Mary kept scratching my ears and telling me what a good boy I am. What’s a guy to do?

We don’t need the vet for our weekly weigh-ins. Bill weighs himself and then himself holding Jax. This week the difference between the two weights was only 41 poundsWay to go Jax! He’s also getting enough food that he has stopped his constant foraging for poop on walks. I’m getting worn out with all the walking. I used to walk to downtown Silver Spring every morning with Zigg and Bill. But it’s too much to do that and walk Jax four times a day. This week Jax and I walked partway downtown with Bill and Zigg for one of our walks. Every foster we’ve ever had has changed the daily routine at least a little.

Blogger note: As Jax told us in his first post, he was so overweight that no one could see is nub wiggling under his "shelf butt". We were pleased during our recent visit to see his wiggling nub in all its glory.  Here is a quick video clip to see this happy pup wiggle! LOVE YOU JAX!


  1. Wonderful progress for Jax! I too have a hypothyroid cocker and you will be amazed at the difference getting that under control makes for his skin and weight. I'm happy for him and thank you for giving him such a loving foster home.

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