Friday, April 11, 2014

Update on Jax's Biggest Loser Campaign

Blogger note: Jax's campaign has been underway for several weeks so we are running a couple of posts each week to catch up. 

Jax's Campaign: Jax is on a mission to lose at least 27 pounds in the next six to nine months. Let's cheer him on to "LOSE THAT WEIGHT!" You will hear about Jax's progress through his, Ziggy's and Mary's eyes. Read below for how his second week in his foster home went! GO JAX!

Week two

Mary is one of those people who can’t keep her hands off a dog. I like that. Sometimes she puts Ziggy in his crate and lets me be the dog in the lap. She has a special comb that she’s using to take off all the crunchy scabs caught in my fur. I only object when she works on my paws. I nip at the comb. She scratches my ears for a bit and goes back to my paws.

He’s still here. I am much cuter. And I can jump onto the sofa without help. Once he put his front paws on the sofa. I chased him into the dining room and showed him all my teeth. He cried uncle. We both got put in our crates. Now he knows who is king of the couch. Ziggy.

Jax’s skin is clearing up nicely. At first wherever I touched him, I felt scabs. I combed them out. We walk to the corner and back a few times a day. He has more falls later in the day, but he loves to be on the street as school gets out. He’s a sweetie when he gets close to kids. Unfortunately he barks his head off to get their attention, so a lot of children pass on meeting him.

Jax pees as soon as he gets off the front porch (a huge plus in a foster dog), and pees and pees and pees. He seems to need to go quite often. He’ll come to see me and then head for the door when he wants to go out. I’ve been taking him out about every two and a half hours. I haven’t walked Jax and Ziggy at the same time yet, so I feel like I’ve been walking all week. I have been walking all week.

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