Thursday, April 24, 2014

Senior Spotlight: Meet Gracie!

My first selfie!
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Hi! My name is Gracie (I think I also have another first name, Sweet)! I am told I am a sweet senior too. I guess because I am a little older than many of my BFFs in OBG at 11 years young! I don't feel (or look IMHO) a day over 9 though! Don't you agree?! Look at my selfie! I have what they call soulful eyes!

Ok, so first things first. I am not a cocker spaniel. I didn't want you to be surprised. Don't get me wrong, many of my bestest friends are cocker spaniels. I just happen to be a petite golden retriever whose fur is mostly white. I have a gorgeous long tail -- something most of my cocker spaniel BFFs here don't have -- which I hide when I'm feeling a little shy. Everyone tells me how pretty I am!

I came to OBG in late January with 15 of my BFFs. It was a long car ride to OBG but I'm so happy to be here.  I'm hanging my leash right now in this great home with a human named Mary Jane, a cocker spaniel named Boots, and a great back yard.  

Things I love:
  • I LOVE to run around the back yard when my human first gets home. I run and jump and loop my way back to Mary Jane.  See, I told you I don't act 11.  Check out this video of me running around the backyard in the snow. 
  • I LOVE other dogs. When we're walking, I want to meet every dog I see.  I even get along great with my fur-roomie, Boots, who can be a little bossy. I could tell he was a little upset by my arrival but I turned on the charm, followed him around, and been so sweet that he loves me know. 
  • I LOVE to be petted and when Mary Jane hits the right spot, I let out a big sigh.  Ahh, that feels so good.  Mary Jane says I'm calm and easy.  How could I not be with all these people lovin' on me?! 
  • I LOVE kids.  I have met met loads of them in the neighborhood, from babies to teenagers, and have liked them all.  I stand happily while they pet me or look at me. 
  • I LOVE to chase squirrels and consider myself Mary Jane's #1 squirrel patrol officer, enthusiastically chasing them from the yard. 
  • I LOVE treats. Mary Jane taught me how to sit and then I get all these great treats.  I'll show you in this video. 
  • I LOVE to cuddle in laps. Unfortunately Mary Jane not let me yet but I'm so affectionate I know she would love it.  (Mary Jane, hint, hint!)
An oh yeah, I'm something called housebroken. Not sure what that means - I didn't break anything - but I understand it's a good thing for humans.  As you can see I'm a total catch!  I'm the whole package as they say!  Can't wait to meet me? Check out my other Personals ad here and contact Mary Jane to arrange a meet and greet! 


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