Monday, April 7, 2014

OBG Has a New Biggest Loser Challenge!

Meet Jax! He came to OBG on February 1st after his elderly owners could no longer care for him.  Among a myriad of medical issues including a terrible skin condition, poor Jax came in weighing a whopping 56 pounds --- yes 56 pounds, a good 25-30 pounds overweight.  Our vets determined Jax suffers from hypothryoidism which contributed to his weight gain and skin infection.  The good news is this condition is not serious and it is inexpensive to treat.

Jax started his new medication and by February 10th, he had lost three pounds. By the time he left for his foster home three weeks later, he was down to 50 pounds.  Woohoo! As we remember from our friend, Fluffy's Biggest Loser Campaign, it will take months and patience to lose the weight - regular but short exercise at first and a healthy diet.  We wonder if he will come to like carrots as much as Fluff did!

In late February, Jax landed in a wonderful foster home with two fellow OBG bloggers - Ziggy and his Mom, Mary! You may remember Ziggy guest-blogged for us in 2012 about his time as a foster with Mary and subsequent adoption!

Jax is on a mission to lose at least 27 pounds in the next six to nine months.  Let's cheer him on to "LOSE THAT WEIGHT!" JAX, we know you can do it! Watch the blog for weekly updates on Jax's Biggest Loser Campaign! You will hear about Jax's progress through his, Ziggy's and Mary's eyes. Read below for how his first week in his foster home went! GO JAX!

Leave Jax a note in the comment section below to let him know you are rooting for him!

Week One:  

Hi. I’m Jax. My life had been going downhill for a couple years. I got a rabies shot in 2011, but my peeps couldn’t afford the thyroid test. A few months ago I started having trouble with my breathing and walking, and lost a lot of my fur. I was a hurting pup. On February 1st, an OBG Cocker Angel named Janet picked me up. I was having so much trouble breathing she was afraid I would die on the drive to the OBG intake vet. Besides being overweight, I had very infected skin, ears, and eyes, and had lost most of my muscle mass. When I met the people at the vet's office, I wagged my tail—even though it was hidden under my shelf butt (a term we fat dogs find preferable to lard butt.)

Turns out it was my glands. Fifty-six pounds is way too much for a spaniel. I spent three weeks at the vet's office, getting nice short walks, soothing medicated baths, eye and ear drops, and not nearly enough food. And my thyroid medicine. After three weeks – and weighing only 50 pounds, I took another long ride to meet my foster family.

I was shocked. Mary had been putting off my afternoon walk. When she opened the door and let that stinky brown dog in, he didn’t seem to realize it was MY house. I peed on the rug in front of the door, just in case he couldn’t smell that I had peed there before the other times we had interlopers.

I should have taken Ziggy out sooner. He ought to meet new fosters with a completely empty bladder. We let Jax wander around exploring the main floor of the house. His back legs gave out a few times when he turned corners. He seems uncomfortable resting on any surface except the cushion in his crate.

Stay tuned to the blog for weekly reports on Jax's progress! 

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  1. Come on Jax you can do this with Mary's help. Slow and easy.