Friday, April 4, 2014

Junior's Happy Tail

We love receiving these Senior Happy Tails! Yay for Junior! We are so happy for him and his family! Enjoy this update from his Mom!

Junior is smiling because it's finally spring! He has grown confident enough to explore the whole yard and the woods. He likes to be outside, especially at night, when he wanders around barking at things we don't even see. He brings a smile to our faces everyday with his unique and very sweet personality. He is always cheerful, cooperative, curious, and so cute! He seems to prefer his big brother Copper's company to his female siblings…a guy thing, I guess. We're so glad OBG takes care of the senior dogs who come their way…they have so much to give!

Junior and his big brother, Copper!

Please send us your Happy Tails! We would love to post them! Email with any text and pictures (videos too)!

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