Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Friday Photos

Scootie says, Cheese!
Here are a couple of fun photos and a video from this week.  Mokey's puppy, Scootie, has a big smile for the camera. Bebe Hanson is enjoying a perfectly placed nap - she looks so cozy! And a video of adorable OBG foster, Peanut, enjoying a laser pointer game (look at his gorgeous full tail).  Click on his name above to learn more about Peanut. Can you help us find his forever home?

We would love to post pictures of your pups here! Send your photos or video to and we will include in our Friday post.

BeBe says, Pictures later Dahling!

If you cannot see this video (in the email subscription version), please click on the post title in your email and you will be taken to the blog page and can view the video there.

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