Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cross-Post: Five Products Dog Groomers Hide From Clients

Here at the Cocker Connection, we are always looking for information to help in the every day lives of our wigglebutts.  So today we are sharing a post written by OBG friend, Carol Bryant, for her blog Fidose of Reality.

As owners and fosters of our favorite wigglebutts, we know all too well the importance of good grooming especially with the prevalence of skin allergies in so many cocker spaniels. In her post, Five Products Dog Groomers Hide From Clients, Carol highlights several products to help you in the day-to-day care between grooming appointments and if you are considering learning how to bath and groom your own pups.

Dexter Modeling Luv &
Emma's Dry Pets Towel
Learn about her experiences with Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Towels, Earth Friendly Ecos pre-moistened pet wipesOnly Natural Pet Soothe & Shield Balm (for cracked paw pads), Pawz Patrol dog boots, and DIY Grooming: Everything You Need to Know Step by Step by Jorge Bendersky, a grooming expert on Animal Planet's Dogs 101.

As noted in her post, she (nor the Cocker Connection) were compensated for the reviews of the products. We hope you find this information helpful. We welcome your feedback and experiences with other products in the comment section below.  And as always, please check with your dog’s veterinarian before using any new product on your dog.

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