Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Clooney's Happy Tail!

OBG Alum Clooney joined his forever family in February and he and his fur siblings now make a "Cocker Quartet!" Here is an update from his Mom. We are thrilled to hear he is doing so well!

Clooney enjoying a snooze!
On January 17, 2014, OBG posted a blog update of our little Cocker troop which we had been labeled “a Merry Band of Cockers.”  We had recently lost our 14-year-old large breed dog, “Rory” and were recovering from our loss with our 2 OBG alums, Tea and Dasher, and their Cocker sibling Bree.

GREAT NEWS!  In February, feeling the void left by Rory’s passing, we welcomed  a new OBG addition, Clooney!

As you can see, unlike the rest of our merry group, he’s coal black. He’s an older cocker with some health challenges. He’s had two cherry eye surgeries and his ears need some “work.” He also has cardiac issues but he’s already earned the nickname “Clooney Tunes” because when he gets excited he “sings”!!!  He enjoys the long drive to “the farm” in Chesapeake to visit family and the groomer’s report card described him as “an angel.” As his foster mom (Beth) aptly describes him -- he is a sweet and sensitive soul. We’re hoping that with lots of love and the support of his new family he will flourish and have a long and happy life!

I’ve included some photos and as you can see he is already beloved by his brother and sisters. His happy little personality makes him a true joy to have around the house.

There are many people who would have overlooked Clooney, but he is living proof that love has no age or health limits. Like all the others in our little family he truly gives more than he gets.  By choosing to give our hearts to Clooney, we are now officially a Cocker Quartet! 

Thanks again to the OBG family for the wonderful work you do and support that you give!

We would love to post YOUR pup's Happy Tail!  Please send stories and pictures (and video too) to obgcockerconnection@gmail.com.

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