Monday, April 21, 2014

A Farewell to OBG Alum Katie

Sweet Katie came to OBG in 2010 from a poor Virginia shelter where she was a staff favorite. She had been through so much -- the infection in her inner ears had spread to her ear flaps and even after her double ear canal removal surgery, the vet also had to remove part of the ear flap. She also had 30 some teeth pulled. She was truly special to everyone who met her. One of OBG's happiest days was when she went to her forever home with Janice and Dave in early October 2011.

Janice and Dave sent in regular updates of her progress and fun pictures. And so we were so shocked to learn Katie had passed away on April 4, 2014 from a brain tumor.  Janice and Dave had taken her into the ER with what they thought was a second case of vertigo but they quickly learned was a tumor. Katie had Cushing's Disease so large doses of Prednisone were not an option.  Katie went home but began to deteriorate quickly so Janice and Dave had to make a tearful return to the vet. They had done all they could and all too soon it was goodbye. Katie went to the rainbow bridge in their arms.

We give thanks to Janice and Dave who gave her all the love and attention she so richly deserved for the last years of her life. Our hearts go out to them for their loss. Rest in peace, Sweet Katie. You will be forever missed!

Katie's Dad wanted to share this note about his beloved Katie:

From day one, Katie seemed to be attached to me, and I loved it. As a family we bonded, but Katie wanted me, and I her. I feel so sad she is gone, and even sadder still that she only lived with us for 2 1/2 years.

After all she suffered in her early life, and the huge progress she made with us, nature was so unfair to take her so soon. The only consolation we have is that we gave Katie all we had. She had all the love we could give in a never ending supply. She - at last - had a life she deserved for those 2 1/2 years. Plenty of food, soft beds, regular grooming, walks, rides in the car, plenty of treats, biting the snow and rabbits tracks to smell. She had personality plus, and loved having a "Rubby Dubby" on her sides and belly.

So OBG friends, I wanted you and your group to know about Katie's passing. Others may not have wanted her, and I am glad, because we had the chance to have Katie in our life. With all the financial resources you devoted to her, I tell you now it was worth it. Katie was the most wonderful sweetest dog you could ever want. It was a complete privilege to own her.

Now, with a heart still so full of sadness, we try and move on. I am having the worst of it, and cry over her loss at least once a day. Gradually the tears will diminish but I will never stop loving her. I pray to God every day for Him to watch over and protect her.


  1. Katie:

    You are gone from us for a year, but you are not forgotten. The light and love you brought to our lives still shines bright every day.

    We love you and miss very much for you we so much loved and wanted.

    May God keep you safe and one day we will all be together again

    Your Mom and Dad.

  2. Katie:

    Nearly four years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and you are still loved and missed. Your sister Brandy joined you two years ago.

    You two were friends in life and now will play forever. Hope you found your other departed sisters Piper and Ashley.

    I think about all of you every day. Looking towards the day I can join you with hugs and kisses forever.

    Your Dad