Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update on OBG Alum Rosie

Beautiful Rosie!
We love hearing how our alumni are doing! This week we received an update on Rosie, Class of 2012. Isn't she adorable?! Love her picture!

Her Mom tells us, "She is a wonderful dog! Sometimes I feel certain Rosie doesn't consider herself a dog. She loves to hang out with her favorite person, Allie, who is 14. She is without a doubt Allie's dog. Although she is prim and proper sometimes, she still loves to play and run with her two brothers Charlie and Mickey (OBG alums).

Rosie is also an expert at burrowing under the covers. And when it is treat time, she makes sure that she is noticed by jumping high into the air. She is our little Queen Bee!"

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