Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Mokey's Boys!

Such precious boys! We love the special stories behind each of their names! We know you will too!

Meet Winston! Roberta W. named this little boy Winston after her first cocker spaniel who lived to be 16 1/2 years old. She said Winston was "a handsome boy, the best companion ever & would like his name to live on in this puppy. Hopefully he will have a long life full of love & happiness like my Winston did. In fact, my OBG alums, Bella and Oakley, each have a form of Winston as their middle name!" We think with a name like Winston, our pup is getting a great start in life.

Meet Mugsy, the largest of Mokey's little ones! Peg H named him after her family's beagle who passed on a number of years ago. "I understand that his father was a beagle. The name, Mugsy, will honor the memory of a most loving & affectionate beagle, and serve a little cocker spaniel/beagle mix very well," said Peg, in her email to OBG.

Margaret and Harry named this little pup Jake, after the name of the very first dog they got after their marriage in 1967! Jake, a small poodle, was a wonderful companion and family member and, per Margaret, "I could write a book about his antics!" He lived until the ripe old age of 19 and Margaret and Harry felt "that with this privilege of naming a pup it would be a way to send a message of love to our sweet darling that helped make us who we are today. If Jake is the name that stays with him we know he will make his owners and us very proud and have longevity of life from his namesake."

Judy and Bob chose to name this particular pup since they're "a sucker for the littlest guy and just LOVE his ears!" In a touching gesture, they are naming him after a friend's dog, Riley, a 10-year old labrador retriever who was lost to brain cancer the day before Mokey delivered her pups. What a special name for this special pup!

This little pup was named by Cindy and Larry, after their dear Scooter, aka Scootie Bug! Per Cindy, "he's black and white like our beloved Scootie Bug, who we lost way too soon. He was a total ham who loved toys and food, and we loved him dearly!" Following in Scootie's foosteps, it looks like Scootie the pup is a ham for the camera and is personality plus.

Remember to celebrate with Mokey at her Puppy Shower! Click here to see her puppy registry and make a donation!  And watch the pups grow up on their puppy page!

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