Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Farewell to OBG Alum Buffy

Buffy came to OBG in early 2013 with eight other BFFs -- the Be Mine 9 -- from a southwest Virginia backyard breeder.  She was in bad shape when she arrived -- deaf and blind from glaucoma and in pain.  The poor girl also had to have 13 teeth removed. OBG's vets fixed her up, alleviated her pain and off she went to a wonderful foster/forever home.

Buffy loved her food and was so animated for a golden girl who was both blind and deaf. She was a love sponge who just wanted to sit snuggled in your arms.

Her Mom told us she was the sweetest little girl who gave hugs and kisses as she snuggled in her lap. When her Mom walked into a room her little tail wagged forever.  Buffy was such an angel.  She loved rolling on all her toys in her bed but then wanted to get back on the couch to be with her humans. Her Mom said, "she is simply beautiful." 

Buffy went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on February 28, 2014 after an illness.  We give thanks to Karen and Lori who gave her all the love and attention she so richly deserved for the last year of her life.  Our hearts go out to them for their loss. Rest in peace, sweet girl!

Buffy in early Feb. 2013 visiting with
OBG's VP for Intake


  1. Run free sweet Buffy! Hear all the beautiful sounds and see all the beautiful colors that Rainbow Bridge have. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with OBG for the time you were here and thank you to her wonderful family for loving her so wonderfully her last year of life. Sharing tears with your loss.

  2. My heart is broken -I am so sorry for what people did to you and I hope to God you knew love the short time you had a good life.

  3. So sad! RIP, sweet Buffy. Thank you, OBG for giving this girl a chance and providing her with love and affection for the end of her life.