Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweet 16: Scamper's Dramatic Make Over!

This is Scamper of the Sweet 16! He is an ~one-year-old Cockapoo possibly mixed with some Bichon. He is (was) the curliest of the 16 dogs. Sadly his skin is infected, so he had to be shaved down.  He also has an ear infection.  Scamper's biggest fear is the grooming clipper.  We can understand how frightening the clippers can be when you have tight poodle hair!

Here is Scamper now. We hope he is feeling better with all those mats removed. We were told he is a great, lovable, clown of a dog.

The medical and kennel care for Scamper and his BFFs is expected to exceed $16,000. Would you please consider a donation to help these pups get started with their new lives? Click here to make an online donation! Click here to donate by mail.

OBG is also in urgent need of foster homes to help these dogs start their new lives and find forever families! The dogs have varying needs as far as socialization and housetraining are concerned and potential fosters and adopters will find that some of the dogs are more socialized and more comfortable with people than others. If you are interested in fostering Scamper or any of the other Sweet 16 please contact

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