Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OBG Fostering Crisis - A Letter from the OBG President

Dear Friends,

Once again, OBG has so many dogs in the kennels that we are faced with a crisis of too many dogs and not enough foster homes. The bottom line is that we either need to move more dogs out of the kennels into foster homes or we risk having to temporarily halt intake.

I know we have had these issues in the past and OBG is blessed to have such a wonderful group of volunteers who really step up to the plate to help when we are faced with a foster crisis. Unfortunately, the issue we have now is more than not having enough foster homes. The problem is that we have a large number of dogs in kennels right now that need specialized foster homes. So, while we need foster homes for all of the dogs in kennels, I want this email to focus on the needs of some of our frightened dogs, dogs that need training and dogs that are young and energetic. (One of the frustrations of running a rescue is that while adopters want the young, energetic dogs, no one wants to foster them!)

When reading through this list, please think of ways that you can help, even if you cannot take a full time foster dog right now:

- We can use volunteers to be a cocker angel for a special dog on this list or another kenneled dog. If you are a dog's angel, you would commit to keeping that dog with you most weekends until a permanent foster home can be found so that you can better evaluate the dog in your home and take the dog to adoption shows, if the dog is ready for shows.

- As always, please spread the word about fostering to friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances, and talk up fostering at adoption events. The more we spread the word about our need for foster homes, the more people we will get to foster, so this is crucial.

- As always, please consider fostering, or if you do foster, think about adding "just one more." It's incredibly rewarding!

Here's a list of just some of the OBG dogs in kennels waiting for a foster home. Click here and then the "Foster Me" tab to see all the dogs waiting for a foster home.

Beethoven is an adorable mix who has made friends with everyone he's met. He recently had surgery and needs to go to physical therapy in Springfield to help him regain the proper use of his leg. Once he completes his therapy, he should be highly adoptable. He will have his evaluation by the physical therapist this Wednesday, and we will know after that what his therapy will involve and how often he will have to go to appointments. Meanwhile, we are looking for a foster who will keep him calm and crate him when necessary until his leg heals and also take him to physical therapy.


Quincy is a gorgeous cocker spaniel/wire haired pointer mix around 6 or 7 years of age. He's only 30 pounds, so he is cocker sized. He is good with other dogs and good on a leash. The little issue with Quincy is that he needs some house training help. He may also want to mark, so we strongly recommend that he wear a belly band (doggy diaper) until he is trained. OBG can provide the belly band. It's simple to use and saves a lot of frustration and cleanup. He should also be crated when no one is home to help with his house training. A temporary foster evaluated him in her home and said that he will go into his crate for a treat or chew toy.

Nicky & Rex: These are two of our Sweet 16 and they are frightened dogs. They need foster families who will work with them and help them learn to trust people. Since they are so frightened, we also would like their foster parents to have securely fenced-in yards. Note: OBG is in contact with a professional trainer who specializes in helping dogs who come from hoarding situations, so we will be able to provide the fosters of Rex and Nicky with advice from this trainer. We are not sure yet if that will involve emails, in-person training, or just sharing information from one of her seminars, but there will be some type of support provided.

Scamper This is another of our Sweet 16. Scamper is a young cockapoo who needs someone who will work on his training and manners, just as any young dog needs training.

Roy is 8 years old, but no one told him that! He has a lot of energy, so he needs a home that can give him plenty of exercise. He also has some issues with resource guarding, so he needs a foster who will establish boundaries such as keeping him off the bed and other furniture.

Dude and Percy both need only-dog foster homes, but their fosters should be experienced dog owners. It's always difficult to find experienced owners without other dogs, but I know they have to be out there somewhere and willing to foster! We just need help from all of you to find them.

As always, thank you all for taking time to read through this email and for considering how you can help. If you have never fostered and want to give it a try, please contact If you have fostered in the past, please email OBG has the best volunteers EVER!

Your Friend in Rescue,

Teresa Butler
OBG President

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