Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More on the Sweet 16 Rescue and the Fab 5 Volunteers

The Sweet 16 Story and Their Rescuers, the Fab 5!

Imagine living in the West Virginia Mountains on a property filled with dogs, cats and horses. You are physically handicapped and can barely walk, so your husband is the caretaker of all the animals. Then one day, your life is turned upside down when your husband is tragically killed during a tractor accident. You have no income and no way to care for your animals either physically or financially. Some of the dogs are living indoors, but many others now have to live outside in pens. The temperatures are freezing outside. Your heart is breaking, but you realize that you have no alternative but to give away many of your animals. Where do they go? The rural shelters have very high euthanasia rates and you don't want to risk that your dogs will be killed at the shelter. You are unable to find homes for all of the dogs on your own. What do you do next?

This was the reality facing the owner of the Sweet 16. OBG was contacted by the owner in late January and within three days, five of our wonderful OBG volunteers (Janet, Karen, Kris, Mary & Stephanie) -- the Fab 5 -- were on the road to West Virginia, a five hour drive. They spent the night near the owner's home and then arrived the next morning to pick up the dogs. We all knew that another freezing arctic front was approaching and none of us could stand the thought of these dogs living outside in this horrible weather. This transport was not an easy transport by any means. Some of the dogs were frightened of strangers which meant our volunteers had quite a time catching some of the dogs to remove them from their pens. The roads were snowy and icy and one transporter's car nearly slid off the road, yet nothing detoured our "Fab Five" volunteers from rescuing these dogs.

Mary & Janet
Last Monday afternoon, the rescue team drove all 16 dogs to Crosspointe Animal Hospital in Fairfax Station, Virginia. Many of these poor, sweet dogs were so frightened they would not come out of their crates voluntarily. In many instances, the crates had to be taken apart so the dogs could be lifted out of the crates. The Sweet 16 are starting to settle in now to their new surroundings and will soon be ready for foster care and adoption, but we need YOUR help to give them the new lives they so deserve.

The medical and kennel care for these dogs is expected to exceed $16,000. Would you please consider a donation to help these pups get started with their new lives? Click here to make an online donation! Click here to donate by mail.

OBG is also in urgent need of foster homes to help these dogs start their new lives and find forever families! The dogs have varying needs as far as socialization and housetraining are concerned and potential fosters and adopters will find that some of the dogs are more socialized and more comfortable with people than others. Anyone interested in fostering can contact fosters@cockerspanielrescue.com.

Thank you on behalf of the Sweet 16!

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