Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lucy Carroll's Happy Tail!

This is me, Lucy Carroll, on Christmas morning, right next to the OBG 2014 Calendar. It looks like I am posing with the calendar but I am actually hoping Brittany sneaks a piece of her cookie to me. I am one of the June pups, that is me wallowing in the neighbor’s yard. I was so excited that I asked my Mom to buy calendars for my three two-legged sisters and my Grandma. My Mom has one hanging in the laundry room too. 

Calendar Girl!
I think Honeypot and Buddha, my four-legged sisters are a tad jealous, they won’t even acknowledge the calendar. But I still think they are the greatest, even Buddha who sometimes is a bit on the grumpy side. Life is so good. I love my family and my home very much. Honeypot, Buddha and I even have our own website, Sometimes Mom has to help us down load pictures and stuff, but we do the blogging. Thank you so much OBG for finding my Mom and Dad and sisters for me. You guys are the best!

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