Friday, February 28, 2014

Guest Blogger: A Girl for All Seasons - Ashley's Story Part 5

Hello Everyone,

This is Ashley (OBG '11)! My family sometimes calls me the "Girl for All Seasons" because I'm the one who loves to be outside in almost any kind of weather. In the fall I gather up all the fallen leaves and twigs I can in the fur on my legs and belly. This is really quite easy for me, I'm sort of like a leaf vacuum. I think this is quite attractive but my humans sometimes seem a bit annoyed as I go through the house spreading them about…my goodness, I just want to share the beauty! They especially don't seem to like them in their bed, but I find them rather comforting - bring the outdoors in, I say!

Some dogs don't like the cold…but it doesn't bother me because I have a great fur coat that really fills in through the winter to keep me toasty. Snowflakes are pretty, too, when they land on my fur. Last year I made snow angels, well, I guess snow dog-angels, but this year we haven't had enough snow yet. Since snow's a bit cold on my feet, I have to keep moving, running here and there and along my fence. There is one thing that puzzles me about winter though when there is snow on the ground. I see the kids in the street walking their 'pets' on a leash. But these 'pets' don't look like any dogs I've ever seen, they are often bright colors like red or blue, round or oval plastic but obviously important to the kids. If I ever see one really close up, like when I'm on a walk with my dad, I'll tell you more about what breed they are.

Rain is nice, too, especially a nice warm spring rain - how refreshing! I get thoroughly soaked and this is the best part - when I go back in the house they always catch me with a big towel and give me a wonderful rub down! Of course, what goes with rain? Mud - another of my favorites! Sometimes I look like a different dog with big dark brown paws and brown belly. Then when I come in I'm rushed to the bathtub to get all the mud off. I don't know why I'm the only one who gets this treatment, just lucky I guess. The warm water and gentle hands feel just great and then when I get out, guess what? Yep, another rub down! Sometimes I can get several of these in one day!

Spring and summer days I also like. Then the flowers in our woods start to bloom and the trees start getting green again and there are lots of new smells all us dogs need to investigate. I have a special place in my yard, a little rise near the woods, to sit and survey my kingdom. It makes me feel good to look around and know that all this is mine! When it gets too warm in the sun, I go under the screened porch. This is a neat place because I can still watch the street with people and dogs coming and going, but they can't see me! I bet when I bark at them, they really get confused! A lot of times in warmer weather my parents will sit on this porch to eat or read and then I'll join them up there because they get lonely without me!

Well, it's time for me to go get some fresh air, so bye until next time!


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