Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Give YOUR Heart to an OBG Pup This Valentine's Day!

Every foster dog deserves someone's heart for Valentine's Day. We have so many dogs who'd love some extra TLC while waiting for their forever home and now is the perfect time to show you care!

This Valentine's Day please consider giving an OBG pup "YOUR Heart"! For a $20 donation, we will pin a "Be Mine" heart to their photo on the OBG Dogs Available page and place a note on their individual bio page to tell them who gave them a heart (you can also choose to remain anonymous). We hope to pin a heart on every dog by Valentine's Day! Even if the dog already has a heart, show them your love with another donation and send them a Valentine greeting.

You can choose more than one pup ($20 donation per heart)! Click here to send a pup YOUR heart!

Thank You on behalf of all the OBG pups! Happy Valentine's Day!

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