Thursday, February 27, 2014

Franklin & Taylor's Happy Tails!

We received this great update on OBG alums, Franklin and Taylor! We love to receive these Happy Tails!

My husband and I adopted Franklin (OBG's Carter) in 2009. He was recovering from cherry eye surgery at a vet in Woodbridge when we met him and took him home to Frederick County, Maryland. Over the past four years he has had some adventures and two more cherry eye surgeries - the last one at the Animal Eye Care Center in Gaithersburg was a great success.He was so brave during this time. Even when he was at the specialist, in a strange place and with people he'd never met before, he sat patiently while Dr. Smith shined a light in his eyes to examine them.

In 2011, we decided Franklin needed a buddy. Yes, we have two cats but they aren't the same as another dog friend. Frankie has some separation anxiety and we thought a companion would help him feel more secure when we had to leave him at home. Enter Taylor, OBG class of 2011. My husband and I traveled to Columbia to one of OBG's adoption events at the Petsmart there planning to meet a foster who had a female cocker we thought might be the right match. After talking with her and discussing Franklin's needs and her pup's needs we both felt it probably wasn't going to work. Undeterred, we were looking at the other dogs there and a black and white curly-haired dog was making the rounds meeting everyone he ran into. After talking with some of the OBG volunteers we found out his name was Taylor. We made arrangements for a meet-up with Franklin and him.

To say they hit it off immediately would be a lie. Franklin, you see, was an insecure dog. He would lash out if he felt threatened which sometimes was when he was on a leash and met up with a dog he didn't know. The meet-up went surprisingly well and I decided we would take Taylor home. I'm telling you all this because I want to let others know that even if you have a "special needs" dog, if you work to find the right companion and have patience, something good can come of it. Taylor doesn't have a mean bone in his little Cockapoo body. He's so much of a pacifist that we have to watch when Taylor eats that one of our cats doesn't approach him because he will walk away and let the cat have his food! He's a lover not a fighter!

Now Franklin and Taylor are fast friends. They run around our property playing tag - Taylor is a speed demon and beats Franklin every time. Occasionally, they get to go to work with their Dad and they get a lot of attention from everyone there. To show you just how much of a team they are, I attached this recent photo. They had been outside in the cold, rainy weather and were warming up in front of our fireplace. This is not a posed photo.

Thanks to everyone at OBG for rescuing these two special pups. They enrich our lives every day.

Franklin & Taylor's Mom

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