Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fellow Rescue Lends a Helping Paw to the Sweet 16

OBG Cocker Rescue wants to thank our fellow rescue organization, Hope for Paws, for their generosity by providing assistance to help with the care needed for the Sweet 16. We are so grateful for their help. Please click here to learn about their very special rescue and see the story of one of their most recent rescues below. Thank you, Hope for Paws!

Update on the Sweet 16: 
Eight of the Sweet 16 -- Binky, Speckles, Gracie, Leroy, Nicky, Scamper, Rex, and Hope Anne -- still need a foster home. The dogs have varying needs as far as socialization and house training and some are more comfortable with people than others. If you are interested in fostering any of these wonderful pups, please contact

We have six days left on the Sweet 16 ChipIn. We have raised $9878 thanks to YOU.  Would you consider making a donation to help us reach a little further to our goal of $16,000? No donation is too small.  Click here to make an online donation! Click here to donate by mail.

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