Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chase Away K9 Cancer

We are a day late in posting this but please plan for next month on the 14th!

Sadly 1 in 3 dogs will develop cancer.  We all know someone who has lost a furry loved one to cancer.  It is heartbreaking!  Chase Away K9 Cancer is a grassroots campaign dedicated to raising money to fund canine cancer studies and awareness efforts.  Nine studies have been funded so far.

Chase Away K9 Cancer started a campaign to take "10 on the 14th" of every month! Take 10 minutes on the 14th of each month to check your senior dog's lumps and bumps from head to toe and inside their mouth. As owners of senior cockers we know all too well how quickly growths can appear on our older pups. If you see any new lumps or bumps or notice differences in existing ones, take notes. If they have grown quickly, have them checked. Be Your Dog's Hero! These monthly checks could make a difference in their treatment and prognosis!

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