Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sasha's Happy Tail

Alum Sasha's Mom wrote in to tell us how she is doing -- we love these happy tails!

I adopted Sasha in March 2012. She is our 4th cocker from OBG.  She was an owner surrender and my second "foster failure" ;-)  At that time I had just lost Casper, my 15-year-old Cocker who I adopted from OBG when he was almost 14 years old. I also had my two other Cockers (Biscuit and Belle).

At seven years old Sasha was the youngest dog I ever had! The first three days she was with me she barked at my cats almost constantly. I thought to myself "what have I gotten myself into now?" The cats looked at me like I had gone completely insane. Luckily my other two dogs were deaf so the barking didn't bother them..which only made Sasha want to bark more!

Sasha came from a quiet home and wasn't really socialized (of course her former owners put she was fine with cats and other dogs-ha ha ha). She had never walked on a leash before, had a very frequent submissive peeing problem, and generally didn't like men as much as women.. After almost two years she is a totally different dog-in a good way!

Sasha lived in harmony with the other dogs until the most recent passing of Belle. She lounges with the cats and loves everyone and everything (especially snacks, what Cocker doesn't??). We still work on leash manners, and barking at every single person we see..but even as I type that I smile, because she is so funny. 

She LOVES car rides and I take her out as often as I can for a trip around town. Rain, sleet, sun, snow..she will stick her head out the window as far as possible. 

Sasha is a people dog through and through. She has been called "the best Cocker" the groomer has ever seen.  She sleeps on the bed with me every night like she owns the whole thing. 

Having Sasha helped me with the passing of my other dogs and cat. She is such a loving companion. People always say she is lucky to have me, but I am lucky to have her.

Thanks again OBG for everything you do!

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