Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blaze's Happy Tail

May 2013
Beautiful four-year-old Blaze arrived to OBG in May of last year after his family gave him up in anticipation of the arrival of a another child and the diagnosis of diabetes six months earlier. Poor Blaze's insulin levels were way off and he was very underweight.  During the first seven weeks with OBG, we could not get his blood sugar regulated and his white blood count was sky high.
October 2013

His foster Mom, Eileen, worked tireless with OBG's vets to help this little guy get stabilized and strong again. Blaze needed special meds and diet, frequent vet checks, meals and insulin every 12 hours, exercise and lots and lots of TLC.

OBG was referred to a diabetes specialist vet at the Veterinary Internal Medicine Practice of Northern Virginia.  He changed his insulin but Blaze's white blood count remained high for months. Blaze went to many vet specialists and had many tests -- all of which came back negative. The vets were stumped. They treated him again for parasites which they said might explain the high white blood count.

Finally in October he began to stabilize. He was even able to attend OBG's Howl-o-Ween Hayride with his foster mom (photo left).  Blaze looked fantastic! Even more exciting was the news that he might have an interested adopter -- his vet!! Yes, the very vet who was treating him for his diabetes, and his wife also a vet, fell in love with Blaze and decided they could give him the forever home he so deserved! They love Blaze like another child and cannot imagine life without him.  And a very special and touching highlight of this happy tail is the bond that Blaze and their son, Ben, have developed.  They have become the best of friends as you can see in the below picture.

Blaze's story touched us all in OBG and we were so thrilled when we learned he found this very special forever home.  Have a great life, Blaze!


  1. What a great story.

  2. So happy for Blaze. I love him and I am so glad that he has such a happy home and all the care that he needs!