Monday, December 16, 2013

OBG's 4th Save of Christmas!

On this cold and wintry day, we remember that not all pups are lucky enough to be in a warm bed with a meal waiting for them. Our "4th Save of Christmas" spent many a cold and hungry morning looking for food scraps as a stray in North Carolina before being turned in to a shelter. And now she has found warmth, care, and medical attention as an OBG rescue.

Our fourth save is an 8-year-old black and tan little girl with a wiggle in her butt and a gleam in her eye. A nameless stray with numerous medical issues, she had little chance of being adopted from the NC shelter. But her personality is one-in-a-million, and she endeared herself to the amazing local volunteers who searched high and low for a rescue to take a chance on her. Enter OBG.

Hope is her new name. She is having a rough time medically, but she has the support of her new OBG family. She has had several surgeries to remove some of the largest mammary tumors we've ever seen - including one that needed a sling to keep it off the ground (see picture below) - and will need more. But during it all, she has remained warm and spirited, giving kisses to the hospital staff after she woke up from surgery. And her reward? A true Christmas miracle: the biopsies just came back benign, and she will live a long, happy life.

Unfortunately, she is also heartworm positive and will have to endure that treatment, but it won't change her puppy spirit. We know she will fight through that with the same determination she's already shown and soon she will be jumping up with joy at finding a warm and loving adoptive home.

The vet taking care of her said it so well when, talking about Hope, she said with emotion in her voice, "this is why I became a vet.And this is why we do rescue.


Join OBG in Singing the 12 Saves of Christmas! 

On the fourth save of Christmas, my true love gave to me
4 parti cockers
3 buff beauties
2 eyes a lovin'
And a cocker in a forever home!

Please check back tomorrow for OBG's Fifth Save of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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