Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OBG's 11th Save of Christmas!

Our Eleventh Save of Christmas is Cola, a five-year-old chocolate-brown teddy bear who is so soft and sweet, you're just going to want to hug her! The more you run your fingers through her curly fur, the more she wants you to pet her. Her big brown eyes pour sweetness right into your heart! 

It's hard to believe, but her previous family surrendered her to a Maryland shelter because they didn't want her anymore. Well, it's their loss and Cola's and our gain! OBG picked her up on December 13th, and within a week of very minor care at a Northern VA vet, this healthy girl was off to a foster home, ready to find a family that wants a snuggle-bear for Christmas!

You can find out more about Cola here! She is available for adoption. 


Join OBG in Singing the 12 Saves of Christmas!

On the 11th save of Christmas, my true love gave to me
11 fur coats a gleamin'
10 snouts a sniffin'
9 butts a wigglin'
8 paws a dancin'
7 tails a waggin'
6 ears a flappin'
5 golden collars
4 parti cockers
3 buff beauties
2 eyes a lovin'
And a cocker in a forever home!
Please check back for OBG's 8th Save of Christmas!

Check back later for the 12th Save of Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

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