Monday, December 23, 2013

OBG's 10th Save of Christmas!

Our Tenth Save of Christmas brings us a lucky duo. Right before Thanksgiving, these sweet boys' owners asked a vet to put them down, saying they couldn't balance the needs of their young children with those of the dogs. Fortunately, the vet persuaded the owners to turn the pups over to the vet hospital. On the sixth of December, Bayley and Sam came to OBG.


Bayley is a ten-year-old golden buff boy with a golden halo of luck over his head. This pup has a heart murmur and arrhythmia, but the cardio consultation cleared him for the surgeries he needed to treat his dental and skin problems. On Friday, our precious Bayley had eight teeth removed. I hope the tooth fairy put something special under his pillow! Bayley is a little reserved at first, but like most cockers he relaxes and warms up to a little loving.

Bayley is not yet available for adoption. He is on meds for pain and antibiotics and will have his sutures removed in a couple of weeks. But soon he will be ready to for the warmth and love of a forever home.

Sam is seven years old and a little lighter in color than older brother Bayley. Sam has a little bit of a cherry eye and saw an eye specialist this past week to open up his tear ducts. He also has some skin and ear problems and is scheduled to have a dental soon. Sam is such a gentle soul, but he has one quirk: he hates to have his picture taken! When someone points a camera at him, he hides behind Bayley. We have lots of photos of Bayley's handsome face and Sam's handsome rear end!

Sam is also not yet available for adoption. But he will be celebrating New Year's Eve with dreams of starting 2014 in a foster home and soon thereafter heading to a forever couch in a forever home!

Watch our website for updates on when Bayley and Sam will be available for adoption.


Join OBG in Singing the 12 Saves of Christmas!

On the 10th save of Christmas, my true love gave to me
10 snouts a sniffin'
9 butts a wigglin'
8 paws a dancin'
7 tails a waggin'
6 ears a flappin'
5 golden collars
4 parti cockers
3 buff beauties
2 eyes a lovin'
And a cocker in a forever home!
Please check back for OBG's 8th Save of Christmas!

Check back later for the 11th Save of Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

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