Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

May 2014 Be Filled with Many Happy Furry Companions!

We asked our friends to send us their dogs' New Year's resolutions.  Here is what their dogs are planning for 2014:
  1. Summer's New Years Resolution is to sleep in her new bed and not in her owner's bed!!! (from Lindsey Marie)
  2. "I will not poop in your house." (from Kim Futrell)
  3. Ms Ivy: "I will not unspool the toilet paper if one of my humans forgets to keep the bathroom doors closed." (from Barbara DeSio)
  4. Mayor: "I will try not to stare at mama when she eats cookies AND I will continue to ask her to play tug of war with me as she is eating her breakfast in the morning." (from Nancy Brisebois)
  5. Hunter: "I will stop staring at the biscuit jar." (from Dolores Leeson)
  6. Lily: "I will try to be brave." (from Dani Dorresteyn)
  7. Goliath: "I will keep praying, and keep trying to heal &walk on my own again!" (from Kathi Smits) (we will pray for you too!)
  8. Freida: "To reach age 17 in May." (from Michelle Ben)
  9. Layla: "To stop shredding the rolls of toilet paper." (from Ellen Twardziak)
  10. Tater: "I will not chase the ball until I see it leave your hand!" (from Arline Kerrigan)
  11. Parker: "I will try to share my mothers lap with my sister Olive Belle. It will be hard but I will try." (from Margaret Stevens)
  12. Ashley: "I will not bark at things I see out the window from my vantage point on the big bed before my folks are awake in the morning." (from Judy Rikken)
  13. Junior: "I will not try walking on the water again to get to the geese on the lake - that water was cold!" (from Judy Rikken)
  14. Copper: "I will not whine the whole time my dad is taking another dog for a walk." (from Judy Rikken)
  15. Cappy: "I will eat my food all at once, not wander off several times and come back, hoping it's improved." (from Judy Rikken)
  16. Prince: Try to be nicer to the dogs in the neighborhood and not bark so much at them. (From Carol Beazley)
  17. Cheeno: I won't eat the sheets on my parents bed (or socks, sweaters, nightgowns, my doggie scarves, etc). (from Cathy Peterjohn)
  18. Spencer: I resolve to never eat another corn cob again. (from Cathy Peterjohn)
We would love to hear what your dog's resolutions are.  Send them to obgcockerconnection@gmail.com and we will add them to our list! Please include your dog's name.

Happy New Year!!

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