Monday, December 23, 2013

Lezlee's Letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws -

I'm so excited for you to visit me in my foster home this year! We have TWO chimneys plus a big smelly tree with tons of lights! We also have wrapped presents and a few have my name on them. Ummm, yes that one I chewed on didn't have my name and I'm sooooo sorry Santa! Whew...glad foster Mommy picked that one up.

My foster brothers (Tater Tot, Junior and Raisin) all want new toys - they love, love toys so anything the Elves can make for them would be perfect! Since I've been here they have been naughty but always nice to me. I hate to tell on them but I know you are always watching so you've probably already noticed that Tater Tot barks way too much; Raisin tracks mud into the house and on the couch and Junior, well, Junior counter surfs! I should note that Junior does share with us after getting the stuff on the ground so maybe he gets a little credit for being nice after being naughty.

My foster Daddy really helped me a lot during my eye surgeries so I want you to bring him something really good please -- he also stays home with me during the day while foster Mommy "brings home the bacon" - that is what Daddy says but I've never seen her bring home a pig. Anywho...He wants new holiday socks orrrr maybe some cocker spaniel socks? That would be soooo funny!!

My foster Mommy wants a pink doggie stroller to take me on her walks since I can't see very well. It would be sooo much easier if she had a stroller and she will pass it along to my furever family. I've included a picture from where we were testing them out recently -- I bet you were watching us, just a note that she wants PINK. She LOVES all things pink.

Sooooo Santa Paws that brings me to what I want. I know you know but I want my furever family to find me! I love it here (and can stay forever per foster Mommy) but I know my family is out there looking for me so hopefully you can work some Christmas magic and maybe they will be at the Dogma Adoption Event on January 4th.

Thank you Santa! Safe travels and I will leave you some cookies and milk and hopefully Junior won't get them before you get here!

Wags and Kisses,

If you would like to help Lezlee find her forever family, click here to learn more about her and meet her!

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