Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ashley's Letter to Santa

Ashley (OBG), Cappy, Copper,
and Junior (OBG) enjoy treat time!
Dear Santa,

I'm writing for myself and my 3 sibs this year. Last year Cappy said she would write you, but I think she never got around to it, so this year, they let me handle it.

First, I want to say we have been extraordinarily good dogs this year! (Well, we slipped a little last night when Copper snagged a frozen pizza off the counter and we had a little tug of war with it - but Santa, that was an irresistible small lapse!) As you can see, we sit very well for a treat (except for Cappy, who must have forgotten this command, which is why I think she forgot to write you last year). We help Copper get the newspaper every day, we help Junior get his eyedrops, we bark at people going by our yard to warn our parents, we also bark when the doorbell rings - and we are so loud, no one lingers on our front porch, they just throw the package and run!

Speaking of packages, we always wonder if one of them is for us. The last one was a box full of 'spaldeen' balls (tennis balls with out the fuzz) for Copper, who seems to be addicted to them. And then sometimes the mailman brings medicine for us (yuck)…so we never know, but keep hoping for a giant package of treats. Maybe, Santa, you could bring us that on Christmas morning (hint, hint)!

Sometimes when walking with my dad, I compare notes with other dogs I meet. It seems we four have a wonderful life with our mom and dad. We have warm beds to sleep in (especially me, who gets to sleep in the big bed!), plenty of good food, a fenced yard to play in and each other to play with, plus lots of attention from our 'retired' mom and dad. (I'm not sure what that means, because they seem to be pretty busy, although they are at home a lot with us, too.) The only one of us who plays with toys is Copper and he has plenty, so, Santa, I think our wishes are for even more of the good things in our life this year: more walks around the lake and in the woods, more car rides to fun places (the vet is not considered a fun place!), more visits by our little kids, more pets and cuddles - you can't get too much of a good thing!

Santa, what we all wish for most this Christmas is for every doggie out there to find a great and loving home like ours - to never be cold or hungry or treated unkindly again. We know that the love we have for our parents, every dog has to give a special someone who will take a chance on him, as our mom and dad did with us, since we all came here from different rescues.

We wish you a safe trip this year, Santa, and send lots of licks and waggy tails to you and the elves!

Ashley (OBG) ,Cappy, Copper and Junior (OBG)

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