Thursday, November 28, 2013

We Give Thanks to Our Human!

OBG Alums Allie, Tater & Sandy
Mom woke us up this morning saying gobble, gobble and smothering us with kisses. It must be a holiday.  She also kept saying how thankful she is for me and my sisters. I'm not sure what is going on but my sisters and I decided we would tell her how thankful we are for her!

Dear Human (aka Mom),

We are thankful for so many things . . .
  1. all the warm and cozy dog beds throughout the house plus all the neat furniture you also let us lounge on
  2. car rides that aren't too the vet (ok, Sandy listed this one as high on her list. Allie gets car sick sometimes. I'll go anywhere you go.)
  3. long walks around the neighborhood and to fun places like Old Town (so many good dog smells here)
  4. TOYS (ok that's me. Allie and Sandy don't really care about toys)
  5. BALLS (ok that's me again, i love to play fetch)
  6. snuggling back in bed with you after breakfast
  7. when you come home; we love to celebrate your arrival at the door
  8. breakfast and dinner especially the mushy food you put on top of the dry stuff
  9. TREATS - thank you for all the different kinds. We especially like the sweet potato chews and pumpkin cookies….but we love all food
  10. sharing your ice cream with you after dinner
  11. play time after dinner on the floor…you can get Allie to sing very loudly
  12. that we found our forever home with YOU!
Wags and Wiggles,
Tater, Sandy & Allie

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