Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Boys and a Girl

Can you believe Mommy has me
in this holiday sweater already?!
Hi Everyone! I'm bbaacccckkkkk! It's me, Raisin. I'm one of those OBG alumni who was adopted last October or as you in the rescue world call it a "foster failure". But I wasn't alone as Junior was also a "foster failure" and well, Tater Tot was just so cute my parents just adopted him! No fostering, just scooped him up about seven years ago at an OBG Adoption Show. Anywho, I thought it was about time to blog again as I missed talking to my fans.

Okay soooo we've had a few fosters since I arrived last August but they were all boys because it is a boy's world around here but you won't believe what is going on around here now. You are going to be as shocked as we were as Mommy brought home a GIRL! Oh my goodness -- the house is practically glowing pink now. Yeesh.

We are fostering Lezlee (aka LL) and she has pink sweaters, girlie collars, kong (can you believe they make pink kongs?), and even a pink dog bowl! So we've sort of adapted to all of it and we all three secretly like her! Shhhhhhhhh. She is a very quiet, sweet girl and it is hard not to like her. She had some eye surgery recently so didn't feel good so I was extra nice to her. I like to follow her around in the house and outside to help her 
find her way around the yard. I even go slow down the stairs so she can follow behind me because I'm such a great boy. My Mommy put a bell on me so LL could follow me but I didn't like the darn ringing so we took that off -- whew -- I mean I like her and want to help her but I'm not wearing a silly bell. Not very manly. Mommy wears it now and we can all find her faster -- not sure if that was the point but us three boys and the girl like the bell a lot.
So although we don't mind LL at all and actually secretly like her, she really needs to find her forever home. Please keep an eye out for someone that wants a really sweet, calm, pink (okay brown) girl in their life. She would be fine with other doggie siblings, doesn't need a fence and oh loves to travel in the car. But they need to like pink as Mommy said all the girlie stuff will go with her to her forever home.

You know how I like my selfies so I've included some of all of us but mostly of my sweet foster sister, Lezlee.
Three Boys and a Girl

If you are interested in meeting Lezlee, click here to learn more about her and arrange a meet and greet!

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