Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jasper's Happy Tail

Valentine's day picture
Happy Anniversary Jasper and Sharon! Enjoy an update from his Mom.  Jasper is doing great!

Jasper came home in Nov. 2011. Such a cutie. I'm attaching his Valentine picture and a cartoon of him I compiled from different photos. He has such a personality. Everywhere we go people want to pet him and get their picture taken with him. Such a star.

Jasper is such a delight. He's a joy to watch when he runs around the back yard. He's a regular show pony. I want to get some video of him but I'm not sure if I can pan the camera as fast as he runs.

He attended my mother's 80th birthday and loved staying in the hotel. He met some special needs adults in the lobby and sat right down, allowed them to come to him, and sat there for as long as they wanted to pet him. He was also the hit of my brother's Memorial Day cookout. All of the kids wanted to get their picture taken with him...and naturally he loved all of the attention. He's made many return visits and enjoyed running and playing with my brother's beagle (and kids) in his fenced yard. He loves a trip and anywhere is good with him. The last time I had my hair done the people in the shop wanted to get their next appointment made for the same time as mine so they could play with Jasper again. He's invited (and expected) everywhere.

He's the best wake up call... smothering kisses, wiggle butt and all. He still likes to help make the bed in the morning. As a result, the bed doesn't always get made and often looks like his personal playground.

Am I lucky or what?

Sharon & Jasper

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  1. This is my sister's dog. He is so beautiful and such a delight!