Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back in Black Campaign: More Happy Tails of Black Dogs!

There are only a few days left in OBG's Adopt a Black Dog campaign.  We are thrilled that a number of our black dogs have found their forever homes this month.  Any myths you may have heard about black dogs (or cats) is wrong - they are just as wonderful and loving as any other dog!  Enjoy these happy tails of two black dog alumni! Such wonderful stories!

Kobe, Little Man - OBG Class of 2007
A note from Kobe's Mom: 

After my first cocker, Miles, lost his battle with Cushings Disease, I never thought I had a big enough heart to adopt another cocker spaniel. Luckily, I changed my mind. I wouldn't dare adopt another "buff" cocker so I hoped for a parti. But instead, this little guy won my heart. He was petite and seemed so cute and lovable! That was in 2007 and Kobe has been my "Little Man" sidekick for 6 years strong! The first year was rough though. I learned from his behaviors that he had been neglected and left outside alone for long periods of time; he refused to go out in the backyard and it took him months to bond to me over his balls and toys. He also had been abused by kids, in particular, boys. A lot of patience on my part and some training in trust, he no longer chases kids. Although he still fears all children, he has learned that I'm his protector and will hide behind my legs instead of being aggressive.

Kobe is the sweetest dog on the planet and loves all adults! He has learned how to ride a skateboard, loves tubing on lakes; taking car rides to nowhere and knows when he going through the drive through of any fast food place. As long as Kobe is with me, he is wagging his tail and I'm smiling. I am so lucky to have him and tell him every day what a special and awesome pup he is. He looks at me with his brown eyes and says THANK YOU MOMMA for saving me from mean people- I knew I would find you! He's now about 9 years old and we have many more years together. My favorite thing about him? He "smiles" at me when I come home from work everyday. I always wanted a dog that "smiled"-- I just had to wait for him!

Duffy - OBG Class of 2002
A note from Duffy's Mom:

Duffy was adopted by our family at seven months old. He was a Christmas present for a family, and after a few months they figured out he was spending more time in a crate and decided to surrender him to OBG. This was the best thing that ever happened to us and he has been an awesome addition to our family.

He is the best dog ever! He loves everyone and everything he sees, he is awesome with children, and enjoys them crawling over him.

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