Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adopt a Senior Dog Month - Update on OBG Senior Alum Junior

In honor of Adopt a Senior Dog month, we received an update on  senior OBG Alum Junior. We are so pleased to hear how well Junior is doing.

We adopted Junior 3 months ago at age 10. Junior can run as fast as any of our other 3 dogs (considering his shorter legs); he loves walks by the lake, in the woods with all its great smells, and on the walking paths. People he meets always think he's a puppy (!) and are shocked when told he is 10. He is a joyous little dog - happy, compliant (for his eyedrops), eager to see his people come home. He is a sturdy little guy, by no means frail…his little tail wags non stop! We wanted to adopt a 'senior' dog this time and couldn't be happier that Junior found his forever home with us! No one should be afraid of the older dogs, they have non stop love to give! (A note about the eyedrops - he has dropped down from 4 a day to two - it only takes a few seconds to administer, and he knows there's a treat coming - in no way a burden.) 

PS: We also have a dog who is 15 and doing fine.

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