Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update on Little Lady

Thank you for all the support for Little Lady's medical expenses! She is doing well and resting more and more comfortably. And she is eating like crazy -- which is good considering how under weight she is! The vet staff tell us she is just the sweetest little girl. 

One of our volunteers stopped by to see her and reported that she is already looking so much less inflamed, pink, even less red. The stitch sites from the skin biopsies look good. And she said instead of being subdued, she is perky, active, curious.  Such great news to hear!

We await the test results from the skin biopsy. Two possibilities - a massive bacterial infection or an autoimmune disorder affecting her skin. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more. 

We are so grateful for your donations towards her medical expenses.  We have raised $1428 towards our goal of $2000.  Can you help us reach the rest of the way?  Click here to make a donation.  We thank you on behalf of Little Lady!

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