Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update from Ashley, OBG Alum and Guest Blogger: She has a New Brother!

Hello again from Ashley (OBG '11). I had the best time yesterday! I went with Mom and Dad to visit our friend in a place where she's getting some rehab. She is always so happy to see me! I jumped right up on her bed and gave her some kisses. While up there I noticed she had some oatmeal cookies on her tray, but nobody offered me one, so I was polite. On the way in and out of her room many people wanted to pet me and asked if I were a therapy dog, that sounded nice, so I might like to do that one day, you get lots of attention, pats on the head, and the humans smile. (I bet there are probably treats involved, too.) On the way out, I crossed paths with another dog. Well, to my shock, that dog went ballistic and snarled and barked and lunged at me! His owner was so embarrassed she had to grab the struggling beast to restrain him. With head high I walked right past them but really sped up when we got near that exit door - "Let me outa here!" Some dogs should just be left at home if they don't know how to act!

Then we went to a restaurant! I'd never been to one before. Humans sit around and have food brought to them. Boy, did this place smell great! My dad gave me some water in a bowl, and when their food came, Mom and Dad shared some with me! I never get fed from the table at home, but on this special occasion, they slipped me a couple of fries, part of a bun, and some small pieces of meat! What a fantastic place! I can't imagine how I could have lived so long and not known about restaurants! I hope we can have this kind of fun day again soon!

Now for some really BIG NEWS! Mom and Dad were gone one day a few weeks ago. When they came home they had a new doggy (Junior)! I'd heard them talking about a 'new brother', but I didn't pay much attention. Copper, the brother I have now, is big enough for 3 dogs, so they couldn't seriously need another one. Well, was I surprised when they came in with this tiny little dog with curly ears! I thought boys were always huge like Copper. The newbie's name is Junior and he seemed alright, we sniffed each other and I wanted to play with him, but he wasn't quite ready for that. There were a lot of things I had to teach him, like about the doggy door, which corner of the kitchen he got to eat in, which people going by he should bark at, how he could help Copper with the newspaper and get a treat, and how fun it is to wade in the lake (this one he's not a fan of but the others he learned quickly). 

I noticed his feet were very white and clean, I helped him fix those when I showed him how to run along the fence where I've worn down all the grass…mud feels so nice between your toes! I also stand by him for moral support when he gets his eye drops. A lot of work for me with a new doggy, but I like having him here and I guess, since he's my new brother, he'll be here forever. Cool!

That's all for now,
Love Ashley

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