Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bliss and Cookie May's Happy Tail

Eight year old Cookie May and her daughter, three year old Bliss came to OBG in late July after they lost their first family to illness and a second family to allergies. Their luck finally changed for the good when they came to OBG. Both girls are extremely bonded, incredibly sweet and made their marks on rescuers' hearts wherever they went.

They just celebrated their three month anniversary and are doing great.  We received an update from their Mom:

Attached is a picture of the girls following their spa day.  They are absolutely darling and make me smile every day!   

We are into our daily routines and I think we have all passed that point where we are still getting used to each other – they are an integral part of my life now.  

Cookie was the little play-master from the beginning, and Bliss the snuggler, but her daughter is now playing daily too and Cookie often jumps up to give me kisses.  Funny, neither likes the other to intrude on their thing – haha.  It has become part of our nightly ritual to go down to the family room after dinner for TV and playtime.  Cookie still plays by herself for hours on end, but Bliss is grabbing toys too and likes to chew her toys on my leg (standing up at me on the couch).  She is a fan of tug of war and the many squeaky balls in the house remain Cookie’s favorite. Cookie is a very happy and energetic girl (she runs circles around Bliss and me, literally every day).  

They are by far the happiest puppies I have ever known!  Thank you, OBG!  

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