Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rest in Peace Sweet Oreo

OBG's Intake Team had gotten a call on Saturday that a wonderful little 5 year old black and white cocker spaniel  had been given up by his owner at a local Maryland shelter.  He was reported to be in good health.

An OBG transport volunteer arranged to go midday yesterday (Monday) to pick up this little guy and help him start his new life with OBG.  His name was Oreo.

Our volunteer reported though that this sweet little boy was in fact not well.  He was coughing, didn't want to walk and appeared very over weight. And he was probably much older than 5 years. 

Upon arrival to our intake vet, the staff realized poor Oreo was in great distress and in end stage heart failure.  We thought Oreo was just beginning his life with OBG but sadly it was not to be.  Luckily, one of our cocker angels, Janet G., happened to be at the vet's office and was able to be there with him as he passed to Rainbow Bridge.  He was a wonderful addition to the OBG family if only for a few fleeting hours.  Rest in Peace, Sweet Oreo!


  1. Rest in peace sweet love

  2. So sad. I hope he had a good life prior to being given up.