Saturday, September 7, 2013

OBG Personals: Single Male Looking for a Long Term Committed Relationship

What do you think of my profile shot?
Hi. My name is Rocky.  I am a mature gentleman (can you believe you are considered mature at only 7 years old?!) I have been on the market looking for just the right forever family and decided to try this OBG Personal Ad stuff.  I picked out this picture -- I think I look I pretty good for a mature guy and it shows off my cute tail!  I understand many guys and gals like me don't have tails!

Ok, now a description of me:  I am blond, brown-eyed, and something called fixed.  I understand that is a good thing but just to make sure you know I wasn't broken before.  I am also something called housebroken which I'm told is also a very good thing.

My Foster Mom tells me I was a gift but the family to whom I was "gifted" did not appreciate me so I joined this group -- OBG.  She says I am still a gift -- a gift of love! Speaking of which I am a very friendly guy and I just love love love to meet new people.  I don't think I have ever met a stranger.

Ok, now I'm supposed to tell you something really personal: I love to take baths and I'm at my absolute cutest in the tub (sorry no pictures of bath time -- not for the Internet!) I love to splash around like I did when I was a puppy!

Don't I sound great?! I will be at Dogma Bakery today in Arlington, VA (Shirlington Village) from 12-2pm if you want to meet me.  If you can't make it today, click on my available page and you can reach my foster mom to arrange a date!

Woofs & Wags!

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