Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest Blogger: Chipper

Hi there!  Chipper here.  Whew, what a weekend!  I'm so beat that I asked my Foster Mom to help me write this up.  Thanks, Mom, you are pawsitively the best! Ok, here we go .....

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Let's recap starting with Thursday. Did you see me on WUSA TV9 Petline?? If not, here is the link as it is a MUST watch.  I think I did pretty good and they had my best side to the camera with my Adopt Me bandana on full display. My foster brothers said they enjoyed watching the video but really I think they were a teensy bit jealous.  Especially since I spent most of Friday signing pawgraphs and answering fan calls and emails and they had to stay home. I even received an adoption application (whoot! whoot!) and my foster Mom was so excited she worked on it all day long. I love her! :-)

Next up Saturday night!  I'm not sure I mentioned it during my TV interview but I love baseball, especially my adopted home team - the Washington Nationals! So imagine my surprise and excitement when my foster Mom and Dad told me at breakfast that I was going to Pups in the Park to see the Nats play! That is like the best idea ever -- pups attend the game and have their very own seat!! Oh my about exciting! There were big dogs, little dogs, barky dogs, shy dogs and me! I met soooo many friends there and some were with their furever family and some were looking for forever homes like me. They actually had grass near our seats to go potty and big community water bowls. My foster Dad shared some of his ballpark hot dog with me and we ate peanuts together.  It was SO GOOD!  Unfortunately the Nats didn't win but I didn't let that ruin my night!

So really what else could top the weekend?? Ready? It is BIG news. Wait for it comes....I met my soon-to-be furever family! YES!!!! They are soooo nice, luckily are Nats fans, have tennis balls all over their home, a doggie door, plus I get to go to work with them and they want me too!!! I told you it was a pawfastic weekend!  I am so lucky! Thanks Foster Mom and OBG for taking such good care of me.  Oh and Foster Mom checked and my new family will send in a blog once I get settled.

Your Movie Star baseball loving cocker,

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