Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Farewell to Misty Bryson

Rest in Peace Misty Bryson
Misty came into OBG last November and became a long term foster of the Bryson clan -- ultimately becoming a permanent family member.  Sweet Misty suffered from IBD and despite many visits to vets and specialists over the past year she continued to loose weight and never stabilized.  We learned last week that Misty recently passed away unexpectedly.

According to her Mom, she simply fell asleep and did not wake up.  She was quite the trooper and character. Even the day she went to the Rainbow Bridge, she raced her fur-brother Duffy to the door and down the deck stairs, nipping at his tail, legs, and rear the entire time. It was a game they played every single day. Once that was done she raced back upstairs, stood in front of her Dad barking until he had her chicken, a heaping helping of her favorite dog food and meds ready.

Her Mom and Dad got the biggest kick out of her, loved her dearly and miss her very much. She had a special bond with her Dad. Just a few days before she died he brought home a new pink ID tag with her name, our address, and lots of "diamonds" to match the other Bryson girls' ID tags.

Rest in Peace Misty.  Our hearts go out to her Mom and Dad.

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