Friday, August 23, 2013

Update on Ainsley

Dear Friends,

A lot of you have emailed me recently asking if we have any updates regarding sweet Ainsley who has been missing now for over two weeks. Unfortunately, she still has not been caught. Her adopter has been diligently working with OBG volunteers as well as volunteers from other rescues who live in the area and has been doing everything humanly possible to find Ainsley. This includes working with a professional who locates missing dogs using a tracking dog. The tracking dog has twice located the area where Ainsley seems to be living now, but unfortunately, she keeps moving.

Flyers have been distributed and they have gone door to door and store to store talking to people about Ainsley. Humane traps and feeding stations have been set up, motion sensor cameras are being used to see if Ainsley comes near the feeding stations or traps and volunteers have taken shifts sitting quietly in the areas where she was last spotted hoping to spot her themselves. They have even used pet communicators and organized group prayer sessions. Unfortunately, Ainsley has not been spotted since last Friday. 

If anyone sees Ainsley, please immediately call Cathy at 540-907-7226 to report where she was last spotted. If you are unable to reach anyone at that number, please leave a message at that number and also leave a message on the OBG line at 703-533-2373. Do NOT try to catch Ainsley yourself as she is a very frightened dog. We are hoping that eventually she will go to someone she knows and have been using dogs that she used to live with to also try and tempt her out of her hiding places.

I want to thank all of you for your concern about Ainsley and sending positive thoughts and prayers her way. It helps all who are searching for Ainsley to know how many people care about her. Another email will go out to everyone as soon as there is more news to report.

Your Friend in Rescue,

Teresa Butler

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