Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Update on Ainsley, Be Mine Nine Girl Missing

Missing in Fredericksburg, VA - DO NOT CHASE
If Seen, Call Cathy (540) 907-7226 or 
OBG (703) 533-2373

A Note from OBG President, Teresa Butler

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you all that another OBG alumni is missing. Sweet Ainsley from the Be Mine 9 got loose from her adoptive home in Fredericksburg, VA this past weekend. There have been several sightings of her near her adoptive home and at one point she was even spotted on the porch of the home, so we have reason to believe that she's living in the woods right behind her home. Unfortunately, like sweet Lincoln, her past has made her a dog that is easily frightened and her adopter has been unable to catch her. OBG and her adopter have consulted with a number of professional pet trackers and are using a strategy recommended by these professionals.

First and foremost, having a large search party would most likely scare Ainsley away from the area. Accordingly, we will not be organizing volunteers to help serach for her or hang flyers. Her adopter has hung flyers and we have a select few people who Ainsley knew and loved who are trying to coax her out of the woods and back to her home. A humane trap is again being used with food as encouragement.

We are asking our volunteers and supporters, especially those in the Fredericksburg area, to be on the alert if they see Ainsley running loose since there is always a possibility that she will travel away from her home. If you see Ainsley, please do not attempt to catch her yourself. She is very frightened and trying to catch her would cause her to run and perhaps be hit by a car. Also, do not feed her. We need her hungry so she will go into the humane trap.

If Ainsley is spotted, please call 540-907-7226. If you are unable to reach anyone at that number, please leave a mesage at that number and also leave a message on the OBG line at 703-533-2373.

Most importantly, please keep Ainsley in your thoughts. We at OBG are all worried sick and are hoping that this time we will have a happier ending than what we had when poor Lincoln was lost.

Thank you,

Teresa Butler
OBG President

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